Apology - please accept?

I inadvertently misrepresented my family of origin this morning by posting a link to a video I didn't watch first - the official music video for Mary Chapin Carpenter's "House of Cards". I liked the song along with the post because I think it is a tenuous balance to be comfortable and not sexy in my marriage. My marriage needs to be treated as fragile. I wasn't referring in any way to my family of origin and I'm sorry to say I didn't watch the video before posting as I was in a rush to get to town. This is my public apology to my family - especially my parents - who raised us in a wonderful home!! This was a good reminder to me that the reputations and testimonies of my family - husband, kids, parents, siblings, friends - are out in public to be inspected on my blog. No man is an island...I needed to be reminded to be careful about what I share in this very public forum. Please accept my apology to the world for my hasty mistake!