iPhone Case DIY

1. Select your image and print from your computer.
(Check out Zazzle for inspiration, or Google your word + "sketch")

2. Choose your medium.
(Sharpies & paints work well on hard cases. Oil pastels on silicone.)

3. Wash with soap and water, and dry the case.

4. Position your clean case on the image to trace.

5. Trace the image from left to right to avoid smudging.
Start with your main color, then highlight with other colors.

6. Now smudge the image to blend using a damp finger.
(Skip this step if you want a crystal clear line drawing.)

7. Coat the inside of the case with a water-soluble sealant such as Mod Podge.
(if your image might smear, dab instead of painting.)

8. Let the case dry completely.

9. Now use a damp cloth to clean up any smudges around the image.

10. Ta-da! To change your image, simply wash with soap and water,
and start all over again!