Top 11 posts for 2011

It is already February, and I am just getting around to a blog re-cap post that I normally post at the end of each year. I hope you enjoy reading my most popular blog posts from 2011. Thanks to a tweet and link from Ann Voskamp, my number one post had more than twice the hits of the 2nd on the list. So here it is, my list of 11 most popular posts for 2011. Enjoy!

1.   Cathedral: finding the temple in each experience
2.   Real-life fairy tale endings: love grows through the years
3.   The wound that blinds: reflections on being a child abuse survivor
4.   Lessons after leaving: what I learned from my old church
5.   The story of this battle: recovering from suicide attempt
6.   Reflection in the mirror: facing up to the hurts in life
7.   Battle wounds: the first few days of my mental break-down
8.   Hurt: chronicles of self-harm
9.   In a perfect world: having to lean on Him because I cannot do what I would
10. Awakening to love: learning to ask Him for what I need
11. What silence speaks: going beyond "I'm fine"