Bucket List

Before I kick the bucket, I want to...
1. Bring glory to God each and every day I'm alive.
2. Bring up four kids who want to serve Jesus.
3. Help and honor my husband every day we're alive together.
4. Write a book about suffering.
5. Write the biography of the children I cared for while they died.
6. Play in a hockey game again.
7. Teach all four of my kids to read (and love books).
8. Meet my grandchildren.
9. Mash wine grapes between my toes.
10. Finish my PhD and become a college professor.
11. Hear a song I wrote played on the radio.
12. Leave an inheritance for my children.
13. Leave a legacy for my children's children.
14. Go hunting with my husband in Africa.
15. Adopt a baby (or maybe several).
16. Lead someone to Christ.
17. Teach all four of my children to play the piano and sing harmony.
18. Write a textbook.
19. Publish an article on the ethical dilemma of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.
20. Participate in cancer research fundraising.
21. Bungee jump.
22. Sky dive.
23. Master a sport.
24. Try out for the Olympics.
25. Fall madly in love.
26. Have a baby.
27. Experience a broken heart.
28. Do a whole bunch of things with the man I love madly that I won't ever tell anyone else about.
29. Go on a mission trip and lose my heart to a needy people.
30. Learn a foreign language.
31. Beat my Grandpa Al at Pinochle.
32. Visit a great art museum and understand how piddly my own art is in the grand scheme of art.
33. Get published under a pseudonym.
34. Save someone's life.
35. Become a nurse.
36. Go to the REAL Oktoberfest.
37. Throw a pot.  With my mom.
38. Win a cooking contest.
39. Host 100 people in my home and feed them great food.
40. Own a yellow car.
41. Make some cheese.
42. Read the Bible all the way through.
43. Own my faith.
44.  Call my mother my best friend. My father, too.  Then my husband.  Then my kids.
45. Kiss someone until it hurts.
46.  See the sunset and the sunrise without going to sleep in between.
47. Swim in the Atlantic.  Swim in the Pacific.
48. Go surfing.
49. Learn to kayak.
50. Smoke a cigarette and a cigar.
51. Shake hands with a President.
52. Vote.
53.  Work on a political campaign.
54. See the following in concert: Taj Mahal
55. Bonnie Raitt.
56. Sarah McLachlan.
57. Norah Jones.
58. Eric Clapton.
59. Simon and/or Garfunkel.
60. B.B. King.
61. Stephen Stills.
62. Sara Groves.
63. Perform in a concert.
64. Make the front page of the newspaper (preferably for something noteworthy rather than notorious).
65. Publish a poem.
66. Publish a photograph.
67. Be an exhibitor at the State Fair.
68. Help someone give birth.
69. Start my own business - and turn a profit.
70. Sell a piece of artwork.
71. Swim with dolphins.
72. Ride an elephant.
73. Go to Disneyworld/land.
74. Own my own home.
75. Successfully tend a flower or garden for at least one whole year.
76. Own a horse.  And get really, really comfortable riding it.
77. Experience bliss.
78. Play hockey in Mariucci Arena.
79. Run the bases at the Metrodome.
80. Go hunting with my dad.
81. Get a concealed carry permit.
82. Own my own .357 revolver.
83. Buy my husband a gun.
84. Try: escargot.
85. Fugu.
86. Cavier.
87. Saki.
88. Get a tattoo.
89. Sleep in a castle.
90. See at least part of all 6 inhabited continents: Asia
91. Europe
92. Australia
93. Africa
94. South America
95. North America
96. and maybe Greenland and/or Iceland (why they don't count, I don't know!)
97.  Visit the Acropolis, Stonehenge, and the Parthenon.
98. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
99. See Christ Redeemer in Brazil.
100. Die peacefully, with a smile on my face.