Ups and downs

Katy is twirling around the kitchen today, happily writing out thank-you cards for her 5th birthday party. They are so much more elaborate than her attempts last year, and it is just amazing to see how much she has learned in a year...without much trying on either her part or mine! Amy is brushing her teeth, one of her favorite activities. She will probably emerge from the bathroom wringing wet and wanting fresh clothes {sigh}. Rosy is putting on "make-up" in her bedroom and telling her dolls all about the party they are going to once she gets ready. Caleb is happily bouncing in his seat on the counter next to me, massaging his new tooth (his first!) with a little teething ring that he particularly likes. He has his little feet crossed, which he has been doing when he is happy ever since the very first ultrasound we saw of him at 14 weeks (3 months along). These kids are like little effervescent bursts of joy popping around me all day long. It is hard to stay blue with their joy seeping out all over the place. Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

While all this was going on, I was reading the blog of a woman from Minnesota who has cancer. She was featured on KARE 11 when I was waiting for my consult at Mayo, after the biopsy revealed possible cancer but we still didn't have a definitive diagnosis. I avoided cancer blogs like the plague at that stage, as I struggle with the tendency to worry anyway, and didn't need any encouragement toward anxiety at that juncture! However, after seeing Amy's story on the news (which I almost never watch - thus, I felt it was a little 'nudge' from God), I visited her website back in the end of May. I feel oddly connected to this woman, because she has a similar approach to life and because she seemed like a potential harbinger of struggles still on my horizon. Her journey began with the discovery of a small lump in her breast while pregnant with her second child, and she is now facing terminal bone metastasis. Her latest scans have shown far-reaching spread of her cancer to many of the bones in her body. I feel a deep hollowness in the pit of my stomach after reading this, and I am thankful for the perspective God is lending me through four joyful children, pulling me back into the blessings of the present. Please pray for Amy & Warren as they face this next bump in their very rocky road.

And here is a link to the story I watched on KARE11: