God has not left His throne

"You are aboard such a large ship that you would be unable to steer even if your Captain placed you at the helm. You would not even be able to adjust the sails, yet you worry as if you were the captain or the helmsman of the vessel. Be quiet, dear soul - God is the Master! Do you think all the commotion and the uproar of this life is evidence that God has left His throne? He has not! His mighty steeds rush furiously ahead, and His chariots are the storms themselves. But the horses have bridles, and it is God who holds the reins, guiding the chariots as He wills! Our God Jehovah is still the Master! Believe this and you will have peace...Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea, or demons or men, or whatever it be, no waters can swallow the ship where lies the Master of ocean, and earth, and skies."
~ Charles Spurgeon

My voice is worsening with each passing moment, it seems. That the tumor or tumors could be growing that quickly seems almost unimaginable. Most of the day is spent thinking my imagination must be running away with me at last! Yet there is the objective truth of it...my voice is graveling and faltering just as it was before the first tumor was removed. What to do about it now is the main question. Wait until the radiation in 4 more weeks? I have contacted several world-renowned physicians at the University of Chicago to ask about a second opinion on the tumor type from another pathologist. So far no reply. So I wait. Thursday I meet with my regular doctor again to discuss where to go next. It is a conundrum.

Pray, pray, pray, dear friends, anonymous readers! Pray that this tumor shrinks. Pray for wisdom for Aaron and I, as well as our doctors. Pray that the radiation will work.

Today my mind is fixed on this verse. Even though there is tumult in my brain, my body, and the world around me seems a bit off-kilter in the light of this present crisis, my heart...my soul are in perfect peace. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee." Isaiah 26:3