Monday mish-mash

I finished coursework for my PhD yesterday! Somehow the big push to finish three papers in less than one week has put my brain into hyperdrive, and, now that it is free from the pressure of school commitment, it is going everywhere.

One of the things I have been contemplating this morning is the fact that being a photographer means I am altering my children's visual history. I constantly crop out the mess by stepping closer. Seriously, have you ever really seen a truly messy photo on my blog? Well, today I'm 'fessing up. This is what the house of a PhD student often looks like.

What I love about these two photos is that, regardless of the mess, there are two happy kids in the pictures. I do think I need to be more authentic as I document family life, so that when my kids are 30 and pulling their hair out because they haven't put away any laundry for a month, they won't think they're inferior. Sometimes failure needs to be normalized...otherwise it is too depressing! To err is human, right? And then, of course, I turn to my response to my failures. Do my kids see me failing and just wallowing in the fact that I'll never be perfect? Or does my failure refocus all of our eyes on the one true Perfect One?