What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes,
Twenty-four little hours.
Now there's sunshine & flowers
where there used to be rain...

Caleb and Grandma on his 2nd birthday in February.

Aaron was discharged last evening after a full day with no vomiting and little diarrhea. He was told to expect colitis symptoms (bloody diarrhea and pain) for another week at least. He sounded very, very tired when I talked to him on the phone last night. He said the drive home took all his energy.

Caleb is gaining energy with each passing hour, it seems. He had cream of wheat cereal for breakfast and is drinking well enough that they have been able to leave out the IV. It failed yesterday, and they tried several times to replace it, but with no success. He seems to be doing fine without it. His poop continues to contain all-out blood, and the doctors have decided he shouldn't go home until that has stopped. His stool must be blood-free before he can go home. His blood count is borderline for a transfusion as it is, so they need to keep tabs on that with the continued bleeding. His pancreas enzymes have started to climb back up again now that he is eating and drinking, so he may need to be put back on an IV and stop eating and drinking if they hit a certain level. So his condition has generally improved, but is not good enough yet to go home. He has also lost 9.5 pounds since his last check-up weight in the end of March. They are talking about starting some more IV nutrition, but need to check his liver function first.

My grandpa's funeral went well, and the eulogy came together for me, although it was by far the hardest thing I've written in years.

Caleb and Emma. These two really look like cousins, don't they?
Caleb has had several visitors in the last few days: Nick & Kathy, Kim Shaw, Lisa Schroeder, Pam Berg, Kelley Downie, Scott & Jamie, Great-aunties Poozy and Shera, and Ben, Megan & Emma