I bought yellow sheets for our bed a few weeks ago. When I put them on our bed for the first time, I realized there was no logical reason in the world to buy yellow sheets: they don't match with a single thing in our bedroom. It is probably exactly this uncharacteristic paucity of yellow in my favorite room that compelled me to purchase those sheets.

It is, after all, my favorite color. Those of you who have visited my home will not be the slightest bit surprised to learn this. And yellow tulips...the perfect combination of my favorite color and my favorite flower.

While this looks like a series of paintings, it is actually close-up photographs of the tulips blooming in my front yard. You remember - those tulips my husband surreptitiously and serendipitously planted right in the grass of our front lawn.

Yellow is only specifically mentioned once in my favorite book, in Psalm 68:13, here quoted in the Amplified version: you - the slackers - may lie among the sheepfolds in slothful ease, yet for Israel, the trophies of the enemy are like a dove are covered with silver, its feathers excessively with yellow. After a day of hard work, this reference to yellow as a return for tenacious clinging to God is refreshing.

Also...I keep forgetting to report grandma Irma came home from the hospital after getting some treatment in the ER, and is doing well living with my parents. It is a supreme joy to see her every day and share the brokenness over Grandpa's death with her in small ways. We have been eagerly watching for cardinals - Grandpa's favorite bird and kind of his personal symbol - out the back windows in the heat of the spring.