Feathering a nest

Busy day helping feather a nest in preparation for some lovebirds.

The fish survived the bumpy car ride - despite splashing the driver a few times!

Amy attended the big event...too unstable for a babysitter at the moment. I myself had my once a month visit with the oncologist today. More labs were drawn. It is possible there is cancer affecting my parathyroids, which sit near the thyroid (or where it used to be, anyway). I have had fluctuating calcium levels for a few weeks, causing horrible muscle spasms and numbness and tingling in my face, arms and legs. I was also instructed to follow up with my surgeon for more imaging of my other breast, which is also showing some suspicious signs of precancerous changes. The oncologist wants to follow it closely, and warned me that a double mastectomy is probably in my future at the next sign of trouble. How fun. Depressing day of news, that's for sure!