Singing in the rain

What to do when your friends are over for the day and it decides to rain? First, you stay inside and watch a bunch of silly movies, like "Funky Monkey", while your mom takes pictures of the adorable baby. And then you head outside for a game of "wrestle football" - one of those great, kid-created games that no adult could possibly understand.

You take the game really, really seriously.

No holds barred.

Then you take a "rest" which involves doing acrobatic routines on the climbing gym. Your mom gets tired just watching you "rest".

Then you get your game face back on.

And go for another spin around the rain-soaked yard.

Any other mom - any mom who hasn't had cancer teach her to make do with today and make some fabulous memories - would probably tell you "you're going to catch your death of cold".

This mom is happy to report that everyone seems to have survived famously,
and that 4 hour naps are in order this afternoon.