Finding the Gospel

Take a long hard look at my face
Take away the things I can’t replace
Take my heart, go on take it away
I’ve got nothing to say

Take away this sense of regret
Take the things I need to forget
Take the mistakes I haven’t made yet
They’re all I have left

I don’t want to be the one who lets you down
All I did was run myself around
I wish I could have seen through your eyes
Maybe then I would have realized
I’m the only one who’s bleeding
For the things I never needed
The things I never needed

Take a good long look at yourself
Take the weight off everyone else
Take the hardest blow that was dealt
It’s all on your shoulders
~Things I Never Needed, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Bottling Cedar Gables Chokeberry Port with my parents late Saturday night.

The Gospel comes through loud and clear sometimes, and there it was, playing on Pandora on my Black Keyes station. A new artist I discovered, and added because I thought she sounds kind of like a country version of the Black Keyes. Aaron and I have made a game out of this: the objective being finding the most references to the Gospel hidden in the secular world around us - movies, music, television, billboards, newspaper and online written material.

Click to link your post to mine if you, too, have found a Gospel reference in an unlikely place.