I've tried to stay away from it my whole life. But it follows me like a droopy-eyed puppy dog and I just can't seem to kick it to the curb. Today I'm joining in and sharing my most controversial blog posts from January and December at Elizabeth Esther's witty I Use My Words.

In January, I blogged about the numbing pain of that soul-draining process of healing from old wounds in a post titled The Wound That Blinds. In December, I wrote about weaning my now 4 1/2 year old daughter for the second time in To My Youngest Daughter on Her Weaning Day. Nursing her was a beautiful (and often socially awkward) experience even for a seasoned attachment parent. I never would have done so had she not had significant special needs at the time. I had a few laughs this past week when watching "Back-Up Plan". There is a scene where a "baby" turns away from her mother's breast to inform the observer that she is "NOT a baby." She is four. I laughed. Hard.

Hop on over to Elizabeth Esther to see the whole list of controversial posts from other bloggers.

So what do you think? Are these two posts controversial? Is it weird to bare your soul, do your soul audit in "public" on the internet? Would you ever do it? Is nursing a 4-year-old in public appropriate?