Theirs & ours

Dressing in red just made sense, so that is how we started the day.

Red velvet cupcakes when you had red velvet pancakes for breakfast = 
pink poop! 
(Just a little something to look forward to - at least one of my girls DID!)

My mama hosted the kids for a Valentine's evening party.

Heart decor and all.

And Aaron and I went home and I made these while he cooked seafood:

1/3 c heavy cream
6 Tb butter, sliced
2 c dark chocolate chips or 1 1/2 c bittersweet or Baker's chocolate
1/8-1 tsp of several different liquors

We chose Drambuie, homemade vanilla extract (the Jack Daniels bottle),
and Kuhlua.

And, just for me, Absolut Peppar.

Heat cream on high in small saucepan until just simmering.
Reduce heat to medium.
Add butter and stir constantly until melted.
Add chocolate and stir until just melted.
Divide into 4-5 separate dishes.
Add 1/8-1 tsp liquor to each dish, stir, and taste.
The liquor should be fairly strong 
or the flavor will disappear since it is volatile.
If needed, add more liquor for flavor.
Add 1 Tb powdered sugar if the chocolate is too bitter for you.

{I added 1 tsp cayenne pepper to the Absolut Peppar dish}

Cool for 2 hours.
Use a melon baller to form balls,
and roll in cocoa or powdered sugar.
Serve immediately,
or refrigerate.

{Just for the record, even if you eat the whole batch - which is impossible -
you're still consuming less than 1 shot of alcohol between the two of you!}

*Photos: straight out of camera today, no edits*