Fly away

Love can be defined as the free gift that voluntarily cancels the debt in order to free the debtor to become what he might be if he experiences the joy of restoration. ~Dan Allender

I am the harvest frozen under winter's white blanket.

He is the bright speck in the darkness.

I am the girl with her hobo stick swinging, ready for a new adventure.

He is the silent companion in the twilight of this season,
waiting to shine light when the darkness grows impenetrable.

Together we're driving back into town from the windblown prairie.

Armed with new dreams.
Uncovering fresh hope carved with ancient letters.
Lifted by the updraft of healing
Winged with prayer


Oh I swear this town gets smaller everyday,
and I'm waitin for my chance.
I'm gonna break away.
I'm so sick and tired of being told what's good for me.
People got lots of ideas, of who I'm supposed to be.

Angel carry me, oh so far away.
May my body never touch the ground.
And if I promise you that I'll be back someday,
will you set me free so I can fly away?

Most folks here, they don't dig too deep.
They can't dream too big
cause they've got fields to keep
I could walk away and leave behind my family.
Or get buried alive in this legacy.

I wanna sleep under a different piece of sky
I wanna live a little bit before I die
I wanna be so close to heaven I see angels...
~Sugarland, Fly Away~