Powder day

The "powder days" of my memory include mountains.
Or at least really big hills.

Now it's four kids, two snowboards, and a slight incline.

Caleb goes flying in the first 10 feet, his weight on his 3rd birthday
not nearly enough to keep him atop a snowboard in 18" of fresh snow.

The older kids are starting to get it.
Rosy, in particular, has an excellent sense of balance.
45 feet downhill, she's still riding, even sans bindings.

Amy gets frustrated, but she's bound and determined.

Really, they could all care less, as long as I'm out there with them.

Almost 32. Right femur aching. Can't resist the fresh fallen snow, anyway.

Here's to "powder days" of all kinds...
and the joy of growing older, and life changing...
and joy remaining!