Doing when you don't feel like doing

Somewhere up in my cerebrum, I know that sitting around or lazily browsing the internet are not good for my mental health. On the other hand, days when depression surges I don't even have the drive to take a shower and get dressed. So here I sit and type in my cardigan and leopard print pajama pants at almost noon. The below verses on laziness are particularly meaningful for me because I have completely lost my appetite through this whole ordeal. So far I've not lost a considerable amount of weight. But every morning I force down a banana, at lunch, maybe a piece of cheese. I try to finish at least a quarter of my dinner plate. Nothing tastes good, smells good, or kicks in my hunger drive.
Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the shiftless man goes hungry. Proverbs 19:15 (NIV)
Some people are too lazy to lift a hand to feed themselves. Proverbs 19:24 (CEV)
Deep sleep: check. Shiftless: ouch. Yes, that describes how I feel most days, like a boat sloppily lolling from breaker to breaker with no one at the helm.

How do I get back in control of our little family boat? Grab the wheel and do something! Anything! Doesn't matter what it is - recording music, reading the kids a story, doing yoga or pilates, writing here, starting a craft with the kids - doing is what pulls me out of my funk.

Human nature is to slip back to the path of least resistance, and I feel it tugging every day. Do something productive for a while and then I just want to lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. This amazes me, because it is such a divergence from my normal. Normally I would be bored to death doing nothing, lacking an agenda for the day. I have pilot research coming up in a few weeks, a record I want to make, elaborate dinners I've planned out in my head. But I can barely get up the gumption to type.

Have you suffered from depression? Is the way I'm feeling similar to how you felt?