Answers soon?

I am still waiting for news from my latest round of testing at Mayo. No letters, phone calls, or other communication from the doctors for 3 weeks. It is very frustrating...hard to be patient. Hard to be a patient, I guess. I feel forgotten and left to my own devices...and wish they would at least call to tell me the results. I guess I'll keep waiting!

All that comes under our Imagination
Is either God, or Nature, or Creation.
God is the Free Eternal Light, or Love,
Before, beyond all Nature, and above;
The One Unchangeable, Unceasing Will
To ev'ry Good, and to no Sort of Ill.

Nature without Him is th' abyssal Dark,
Void of the Light's beatifying Spark;
Th' Attraction of Desire, by Want repell'd,
Whence circling Rage proceeds, and Wrath unquell'd:
But by the Light's All-joyous Pow'r th' Abyss
Becomes the Groundwork of a Threefold Bliss.
~ Spirit of Love, John Byrom, 1692-1763~