Evening in the hospital {Mayo Day 1}

 Joy of a visit from siblings in the hospital.
Playing with the vintage window panes in the old hospital wing.

Yeah for new toys!

$50 at the hospital gift shop = 20 minutes of peaceful play.

A single closet in the hospital room (free) = 1 hour of playing "bus" with glee!

If this eldest sweet girl doesn't become a nurse like mom & dad...
I'll be shocked.
She spent the whole visit watching over Amy's various wires and cords.

Making sure they don't get caught in the door of the closet...

...or stepped on by the crazy off-boarding bus passengers.

Can you really be sick if you're having this much fun?

And finally...they have the BEST therapy dog here. Ever. A Newfoundland.
Only problem: owner has to carry around a towel to wipe up the spit!