Finding beauty

Photographers see beauty when others just see ordinary.
Like the symmetrical underside of the bridge.
Photographers focus on a place in the field of view that other observers might not even notice:
here the intent focus of the baby's eye instead of her reaching hand.
A photographer is constantly seeing through a "lens" - the world in black and white, with vignetting, with special effects.
A photographer is a journalist, telling stories with pictures and capturing moments, whether or not they seem significant to anyone else.
Photographers delight in details and see the little things that can only be seen with a high-powered lens...or a magnifying glass.
A photographer is a painter without a brush, capturing glimpses of what we all share as human, joy, fear, anger, delight, extravagance, futility, effervescence...

The last photo is my own. The rest are "finds"...part of a photography assignment for the new Christian photography blog, High Calling Focus.