Wind on skin

Easter is just one of those days of traditional finery I cannot seem 
to squelch with my most tom-boy mom style. 
Shirt and tie, toe the line, proud of our judgement.

As the sun warms the earth now, 
I am like new skin,
 in new wind,
 in new life

Fade, fade each earthly joy; Jesus is mine.
Break every tender tie: Jesus is mine.
Dark is the wilderness,
Earth has no resting place,
Jesus alone can bless;
Jesus is mine.

Tempt not my soul away; Jesus is mine.
Here would I ever stay; Jesus is mine.
Perishing, things of clay,
Born but for one brief day;
Pass from my heart away;
Jesus is mine.

Farewell, ye dreams of night; Jesus is mine.
Lost in this dawning bright; Jesus is mine.
All that my soul has tried
Left but a dismal void: Jesus has satisfied
Jesus is mine.

Farewell, mortality; Jesus is mine.
Welcome, eternity, Jesus is mine.
Welcome, O loved and blest,
Welcome, sweet scenes of rest,
Welcome, my Savior's breast; 
Jesus is mine.
~Jesus is Mine or "Fade, fade, each earthly joy"
disputed authorship