Amy back in the hospital

You are my hiding place
You always fill my heart
With songs of deliverance
Whenever I am afraid
I will trust in You

I will trust in You
Let the weak say
I am strong
In the strength of the Lord
~ Selah, You are My Hiding Place

A quick note to say joy turned to anxious prayer through last night and this morning. Amelia took a turn for the worse, waking up vomiting, unable to sit or stand without help, and with a symptom called nystagmus, an ominous sign of neurological problems. We were visiting family in Minneapolis, so rushed to the place Aaron and I met...University of Minnesota Children's Hospital. After several tests, including a spinal tap, she was diagnosed with meningitis, probably bacterial. She is in isolation and getting triple antibiotics to treat the infection. She immediately improved somewhat, so we are hopeful this will truly cure her of the illness she has been fighting for three weeks. She will see a neurology team tomorrow to continue to evaluate her condition and the origin of the infection. Please keep her health in your prayers, our sanity in your prayers, and wisdom of doctors in your prayers. Also please keep the baby and I in your prayers, as this will delay the diagnostic tests to determine whether the baby is growing in the right place or not.