Courgette ratatouille brings a beautiful dash of autumn color to a stained stovetop.

Vegetables prepped in the washer =
bad idea if you have a high efficiency tumbler!
Skins and tomato shreds on clothes for days afterward =
Fascination of children garnered by a novel use of an ordinary appliance =

An ugly counter strewn with seeds and sticky juice is made beautiful by the glisten of red in a favorite yellow enamel pot.

"This is why cultivating once again one’s own sense of aesthetics, and raising future generations to appreciate beauty, should be seen as a profound obligation by God’s people. And there is no more appropriate time of the year to remind ourselves of this than when we
commemorate the horrific ugliness of Christ’s Passion followed by the splendor of His Resurrection."
~ Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto