An illness in pictures

Amy's last healthy day, October 8th - her first of three 3rd birthday parties!

Amy just post tonsillectomy. A little wan, a little thin and pale. Enjoying stories with Grandpa.

Siblings find something fun to do while Amy spent another day at the clinic being evaluated on October 22nd in Eau Claire. They visited Auntie Melissa's museum.

Third day at the Children's Hospital, October 29. Neurologists do one final assessment before Amelia goes down for sedation for a 2nd spinal tap.

Sisters peeking through the window before Amy goes down to the operating room. Family comforts Amelia inside the room. I have a distinct memory of this same experience when my brother Ben nearly died of pneumonia just after he was born. I still remember the ridges painted on the glass, how they felt beneath my fingers.

Happy to see us, even under the circumstances. Katy is concerned.

Grandma Nel enjoys a snuggle with Amelia before she goes to the operating room on October 29.

A moment of joy for Caleb when Kelley Downie met us in the lobby. I think we are all missing our home and our friends there!

The girls trick-or-treating at the children's CT/MRI unit. They were pretty excited about the "fairy door".

Katy was tired and concerned about her sister here, I think. The Child & Family Life Halloween party in the family lounge on October 30.

Amelia in costume #2 of October 30 - the official Halloween party day in the hospital. Her esotropia strabismus (right eye deviating toward the nose) began to be apparent on this afternoon. Most of her other issues are not visible in the photographs.

Nothing heals like cuddles.

...and stories from your uncle...

...and playtime with your auntie...

The "home" kids (as they call themselves) trick-or-treat in Auntie Rosalie & Uncle Dennis' neighborhood on Halloween.

Finally, a hug from Caleb! Since the cultures are coming back clear, we allowed the kids to visit in the room (!!) today to get some cuddles with their sister. On Monday, no children under 5 will be allowed through the hospital doors unless they need treatment. Another visit may be in order tomorrow.

And this is how I spent this evening. I had to go to the ER to be evaluated for bleeding. My ultrasound didn't find any baby, and the bleeding continues. This may just be early pregnancy break-through bleeding, and the baby may still be "invisible" due to size. I may also be miscarrying. I guess I'll just leave it at that. I am praying for a healthy baby. And God's will be done, however bad it hurts.

When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly away
Instead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand
~ Don't Know Why, Norah Jones ~

*thanks, Grandma Debra, for all the photos.