Home from the hospital...again

Someday we will all be healthy...at the same time! Not today, though. I was tempted to take Amelia back to the surgeon yesterday, as she seemed more lethargic and I was having a more difficult time getting fluids into her than the day before. But I held out for this morning, knowing I had well-child check-ups already scheduled for her and Rosalie with our regular doctor, a thorough, wise Christian doctor who has known me since I was a child. Within about 30 seconds of walking into the room, seeing Amelia laying totally asleep on the exam table, he was fidgety and wanted her sent to the hospital by ambulance. She didn't wake up, even for a rather rough abdominal exam (designed to try and wake her up). She did open her eyes briefly when he gagged her with a tongue depressor to get a look at her rather gunky and infected looking tonsillectomy site. He walked us over to see the ENT surgery partner (not the pediatric surgeon, who was actually in surgery at the time). This surgeon didn't feel Amy was quite as critical, and asked if I was comfortable driving her over to the hospital for fluids, some I.V. steroids, and possibly some antibiotics. I agreed.

Once at the hospital, Amelia continued to sleep. She woke briefly when they inserted the I.V., and cried but did not squirm. As soon as they had it in (before it was even taped down), she was back to sleep. When nurses get nervous and the doctor walks in a lays the appropriate-sized ambu bag and mask near the little one's pillow, this nurse/mother gets very worried indeed.

The fluids and I.V. steroids seemed to have a little positive effect. Amy remains gray, her face drawn, her body limp. She is totally quiet, almost silent, speaking only when it is demanded of her. Her vital signs - heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure - are within normal limits, and her oxygen saturation is between 92-96% with no additional oxygen. Her "labs" look okay, with the exception of a very high white blood cell count, with a particular pattern that indicates a potential bacterial infection. The team still suspects she has influenza, but no additional testing was done.

Much to my consternation, I could not talk the pediatric team into keeping her overnight in the hospital for rest and fluids! I am now camped out on the couch, with her sleeping on the floor next to me. My discharge instructions are to check on her hourly throughout the night, taking her temperature and forcing fluids. I do wish they would take responsibility instead of foisting it on me! I am happy she is a bit perkier, but feeling that I will probably end up back at the doctor in the morning with a still very sick girl.

Could you pray for a few specific things for me?
  • Rapid healing (overnight improvement would be just awesome!)
  • Ability to drink plenty of fluids & stay hydrated
  • Appropriate treatment tomorrow if it is necessary
  • Bravery for me as I insist on a different course of action than the venerable pediatrician deems appropriate (if necessary)
  • No pneumonia
Also, please continue to lift Heather, Jason, Grace, Ian and Tessa Kanz up in prayer. They learned yesterday that their court date in Ethiopia is October 29. Jason plans to travel to pick up Tessa a mere 2 weeks after Heather's surgery and a week or so before she starts chemotherapy. Heather's surgery went well, but she required a lymph node dissection, and the cancer was found (at least probably) in her lymph nodes. This means more chemotherapy, probably radiation, and a more difficult recovery, at the least. They desperately need your prayers! Visit their cancer update blog here, at Kanz Adoption. Jason continues to write eloquently about the deeper things of life at Beneath the Crust.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah (stop and think on that).
~Psalm 46:1-2~