Amelia has emerged from surgery the sleepiest and most compliant child they've "ever had" here at Luther. While perhaps I should be rejoicing, I am a bit concerned, as "compliant" would not be my first choice in describing Amelia. We are in for a long day in the same day surgicenter, as we wait for her to perk up. Keep those prayers coming, please! For now, here is a glimpse into the past few days in our (unpredictable) corner of the world!

They called it manna.

I remember the miracle of the first snow. The beauty of it, the coldness of it on your tongue and on your cheeks. I forgot how ethereal and fleeting it is. I forgot how many hours a child can spend in the new drifts, lost in an alien landscape that is almost as though it sprang from last night's best dream.

Water from heaven. Frozen and delightful. The perfect October snack.

If only I could remember what it was like that very first time! Caleb's glee struck a chord in my heart, a wistful chord, one of those "wish I hadn't forgotten this" chords.

It was hard to decide which was more delightful this past weekend, the white blanket on the ground, or their reaction to it, these dear innocents who surround me.

The most snow in this part of the world this early in October since 1909. What a way to celebrate your October 9th birthday - making snowmen and having a snowball fight!