The silent embrace

I found this on Zach Nielsen's blog the other day, while I was preparing to post my latest cancer news.


from the blog of Chris Brauns:
If you aren’t suffering terribly right now, you know someone who is. John Piper (12/27/09) preached on suffering and Romans 8:15-25 at the Village Church who recently learned that their young senior pastor, Matt Chandler, has a malignant brain tumor. (See these posts on suffering).

Piper introduced his sermon by stating that the first thing believers should do do with those who are suffering is hug them. No words. Just silent hugs. But, Piper also noted that those who are hugging must have a place to stand. That is, if we are going to make it through the suffering in this life apart from anger and bitterness, then we must know sound doctrine and how suffering fits with the plan of God.

If you can only listen to a few minutes of this sermon, it will be a wonderful investment of your time.

Listen here.