Pain is lessening

Making the best of things: blowing bubbles at the U of M Peds Sedation unit, 11-30-09.

My pain started to let up a bit Friday afternoon, and continued to improve through the evening. My latest ultrasound showed a large mass, more consistent with a hematoma (bruise) or possibly an abscess, rather than a hemorrhagic cyst. My ovary is dwarfed by the mass, and it is pressing on my bladder, which explains all the difficulties since surgery. My ovary also has little or no blood flow at this point. The doctors are still okay with waiting to go to surgery, so I am toughing out the pain for a while longer. Hoping it will disappear soon. Hoping I don't lose that ovary. I don't like losing parts! Generally not a good idea, in my book. Anyway, we'll just keep praying it will heal before surgery becomes necessary. In the meantime, we enjoyed a rather normal family movie night tonight, and hope to do some Christmas crafting tomorrow if I feel up to it. If you're looking for Christmas crafts to do with your kids, check out The Crafty Crow. Love her!

A favorite Cities haunt: Seward Co-op.
I loved the smells, food & people - Amy loved the tiny cart! 11-30-09