I might as well just post these now, because they've got to go up!  By tomorrow, I'll have about a thousand photos of the ocean I want to post anyway.  We came across this stunning - and delicious - roadside hamburger & shake joint in North Carolina, nestled against the Appalachians.  Of course, to top it off, the entire stand was done up in my favorite shade of screaming yellow.  And somehow, by some magic, in my hazy, head-aching state, I managed to get my exposures just right.  And last, but not least, it carried the same name as my childhood friend's favorite great-aunt.  This might be my favorite series of photos I've ever taken.  Ever.

It was a welcome break for our hearts, our minds, and especially our eyes!  Of course, directly adjoining was a fabulous, stereotypically redneck car repair shop that has been conveniently cropped out of these photos.