Another thought on storms

Seen in the hospital gift shop today:

"Life is not waiting until the storm passes,
but learning to dance in the rain."

That, in a nutshell, is what God has taught my husband, my children and I through this season of our lives. I have a hilarious memory of being allowed - at some ridiculous age like 10 or so - to run in the rain in our wooded backyard in the country, clothed only in my underwear. I will never forget the freedom of that sensation, skipping through the yard, naked, the icy chill of the raindrops and heat of the humidity rising from the grass. My brothers were in the basement, and I'm sure my mother watched me dance from the kitchen window. Now I must dance again, in a new way. He has stripped me of my "clothes" now in a spiritual sense. Instead of feeling fear in my nakedness, I need to relearn the happy dance I did in the rain as a child. Freedom? Is that what it is?  Or trust maybe?  Something you lose when you grow up, when you learn that you have to consider the future and not just the moment.