A miracle month

Something amazing has happened.  And there is really no way to tell you about it, except with a few pictures.

Here's the first photo.  Notice the writing on at least 50% of the dates on this calendar.  This is Amelia's episode record, which helps her team of doctors at Mayo decide how to adjust medications, whether to consider surgery, determine whether she needs to be hospitalized or not.  May and June were two very terrible months for both her and her parents.

But THIS is July.  Four days of partial seizures on our travels, in a high stimulus car.  No poop in the pants.  Only a few episodes of vomit.  An Amelia who is almost completely potty trained again for the first time since October, 2009!  An Amelia who smiles more than she fusses, and is learning again, and even growing a little bit.  God is good!

The hardened nurse-slash-pessimist in me knows this might be temporary.  That seizure disorders are rarely static, and that she will definitely grow and outgrow her dosages and we will have months like May/June again.  But all I can do is thank God for today...and yesterday...and the 19 days before that.  For a month without seizures.