Will it ever stop?

The first hint of disaster came when the roof started leaking yesterday morning.  Again.  Last time, it was during a monsoon.  This time, just a regular old day of steady rain.  And this time it leaked all the way from the kitchen cupboards on the east wall all the way into the dining room.  The entire roofline.  My dad came over and helped me tarp it (scaling the roof is not a smart plan if you have double vision and may faint).  Didn't stop the leak.  The rest of the day was filled with the whir of the clothes washer as we went through scads of towels, and the hum of various fans and dehumidifiers as we attempt to dry out what is supposed to be DRYwall, along with whatever else got soaked in the process, like insulation and other expensive building materials.

Then we had the joy of visiting an old friend we haven't seen in a while.  And picking out baby clothes for Scott and Jamie's twins.  But on the way out the door, Caleb fell out of the minivan.  Onto his head.  Luckily, it appears he is only scraped up.  Maybe a mild concussion.  Nothing serious, but it started to feel like it was piling on.

Then Amy got stuck in a partial seizure.  I haven't attempted to describe partial seizures in much detail because they defy description.  Basically, she is normally a typical almost 4 year old sweetheart, quite intelligent, responsive to instruction, loving to others, etc.  Suddenly she morphs into some type of pre-verbal, emotional, dramatic child who is unable to balance, see where she is going, or respond normally to instruction or attempts to soothe her.  It is frustrating, at the least, and maddening when it hits full stride.  There is literally nothing anyone can do to help her, other than to restrain her and put up with the monotonous cry she loops into.  When she seemed to be coming out of this 1-2 hour partial, we decided to let her go outside to play with her cousins and uncles.  She promptly ran outdoors and lost her balance, falling headlong into a solid patio table that didn't give an inch.  She broke and dislocated her nose, which the ear/nose/throat specialist assures us is a blessing because otherwise she might have a brain bleed.  Apparently, your nose is specifically designed to absorb blunt force to your face so that you do not end up with a life-threatening head injury.  (I should be taking notes.  Next time I decide to face-plant into a toilet, I am definitely leading with my nose.  Hey, it's big anyway!)

So added to an already hectic - though fun-filled - weekend is an extra visit to the ENT surgeon tomorrow.  I also have to cancel a few appointments at Mayo so that I can have her nose re-aligned in the operating room at Luther next week.  I am guessing she will thank me later when her nose is not markedly crooked.  And she doesn't snore.  All definite pluses for a beautiful girl.

Luckily, Katy, Rosy, and Aaron had a fairly uneventful day.  Although Aaron might argue that fixing a roof qualifies his day as "eventful".  My day was full of revising or thinking about revising the comprehensive exam. And applying band-aids to other crises.  Hopefully tomorrow will just be hectic.  Not tragic.