Windswept.  We spent our last morning on Folly Beach watching the sunrise just a few weeks ago in South Carolina.  The kids in p.j.s, adults hungering for crabcake eggs benedict at the Lost Dog.  I feel the same way...scrubbed clean with exhaustion, soul adrift in a quiet sea, eyes  Headache is through the roof painful, infection seems a bit worse today in my pacer pocket.  The doctor was on the fence but decided it doesn't look "grossly infected", so I can stay home, take my oral antibiotics and avoid a surgical revision of the pacemaker, at least for the moment.  My comprehensive exam has been resubmitted.  If all goes well and I pass the written portion, I will defend sometime the week of August 2 (i.e. next week).  Luckily, I have my defense slideshow pretty much prepared from last time.  But it would definitely be helpful to stay out of the hospital for the intervening days.  I do NOT want to defend in a hospital gown! (but I will if I have to!)