My tumor

I was diagnosed with a follicular thyroid tumor over the past few weeks. These tumors are sometimes benign, but it is impossible to tell without removing the tumor and thyroid (all or part). I was referred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for treatment of this condition. Here is my latest update regarding the upcoming surgery:

I have a new surgery date. Dr. Grant was appalled at the length of time I would have to wait to see him. He is the specialist in papillary tumors - the more common type - which means he has a LOT more patients seeking his expertise! He referred me to another surgeon, Melanie Richards, who specializes in follicular tumors. My pre-surgical consult will be June 17 and my surgery is now scheduled for the a.m. of June 18. I will be hospitalized at Methodist Hospital in Rochester until the p.m. of the 19th at the earliest. They expect to discharge me on the 20th.

So - a new prayer request to add to the mushrooming list! Please pray that there will be no complications that would keep me hospitalized longer. Scott & Jamie's wedding is June 21 and Aaron, Katy, Rosy & I are all in the wedding. It is my sincerest desire to be able to be present and functional for the wedding. I would also really appreciate prayers for minimal pain during recovery so that I can participate fully in my brother's wedding.

I was encouraged by my kids' Gospel songs this morning - we have a morning clean-up and dance session to music around 8:30 a.m. every day.
"If you get there before I do
(Comin' for to carry me home)
Tell all my friends I'm a-comin', too
(Comin' for to carry me home)"
~Swing Low, Sweet Chariot