Before I forget, I wanted to post a schedule for the coming weeks, as many have wondered where I will be and when.

November 3 Uptake dose of I-131 (around 7 mCi, if you're curious)
November 5 Uptake scan to determine where & how much absorbed
November 5 Appointment with endocrinologist to go over results of scan
November 6 Probable date for I-131 ablation (50-150 mCi depending on scan)
November 6-10 complete isolation in Chetek (no visitors)
November 10-14 North Shore of Lake Superior (Grandparents home)
November 14-16 either Chetek with family or Minneapolis with family
November 17-20 Swap Chetek for Minneapolis
November 20 Gamma radiation scan to check safety of return home & REUNION PARTY!!