A second opinion

I just wanted to pop on and update those who read this. I saw my doctor today and he felt my throat. He said "nothing really pops out" at him. However, he is taking my symptoms seriously and ordered an ultrasound for next Wednesday to explore my neck area for any new (or growing) masses. I am also in the process of being referred, tissue samples, lab tests and all, to the University of Chicago for a second opinion from a pathologist and endocrine oncology team. Please keep both in your prayers. The most difficult aspects of this phase of the trial remain: 1) difficulty being separated so frequently from my precious kids so that I can attend appointments and tests; 2) waiting on the Lord for results as I literally feel my throat closing down. Please keep both in your prayers! They are so much appreciated.

Vier Augen sehen mehr als zwei - Four eyes see more than two.