What's that smell??

Ah yes, the delightful odor of wilted cabbage!

Weaning is going well. In the past 24 hours, I nursed Caleb once. He was very fussy throughout the night, but finally fell asleep in my arms and slept from 5-7 a.m. He is acting very tired today (thank goodness!) and I think both mom and babe will lay down for a nap shortly, putting a much-coveted Thumbelina DVD in for the girls!

Miraculously, the constant consumption of sage tea and application of cabbage leaves seems to be working. My milk is drying up very well as I have suffered no engorgement yet. My dear husband has permission to call me his frau now - any woman who walks around smelling constantly of cabbage must certainly be a frau, don't you think??

In honor of the cabbage, here is a frau in fine art for your appreciation!
Die Frau ohne Schatten by Strauss, performed by De Nederlandse Opera in 1996