Fevers again

In the last hour, Amelia's headache has increased, she has spiked a new fever again, she is lethargic, and she lost her I.V. and needed a new one. Quite an hour. I also learned from her main doctor, Dr. Kelley, that her MRI/MRA report is not final, and that the preliminary report did mention an abnormality: areas of "interest" in the cerebellum, the area of the brain that controls walking, balance, and some eye movements. We won't have the final report or the doctor's reaction to it until tomorrow during rounds ("rounds" is when the doctors all come around as a team and discuss their plan, ask and answer questions, and do their main assessments). If her temp goes just about 2/10's of a degree higher, she will be back on triple antibiotics, have cultures and other labs drawn, and it will be back to the drawing board for diagnosis. She is still on the antiviral, which is not a good sign. It is also scary to me that the only place they haven't cultured that seems to be involved is her brain. A brain biopsy is a scary thing.

Please pray.