Flying the coop!

We just got word we are going home today! Amy is smiling non-stop and I must admit I am, too! It has been 10 long days and we miss home horribly. There is some concern about discharging her so soon after stopping the antiviral medication, but "since both parents are nurses with ICU experience"...oh, how I hate it when they drop that big ball of responsibility squarely into our court! Most of the various specialists agree that the changes in her brain are not inflammatory but demyelinating. This means that the virus or the inflammation it caused resulted in a loss of protective fatty covering on the coils of the brain in the area that was most affected. It can also be an early sign of a long-term congenital condition. Amy will be required to have multiple MRI's over the next month to year, until she has two MRIs that show normal brain in that area that is currently abnormal. That involves a lot of sedation, so that is still something to pray about. A lot of IV's, too, which Amy will not like too much after her bad experiences here with a new IV every 24 hours!!

So, as we've been singing, "home again, home again, jiggety jig!" Thanks for the prayer, and please keep them coming. Now for the PT/OT at home, the readjustment for the other children and myself, and catching up on school. I guarantee the only time that will be available for that will be the wee hours of the morning. Please pray that the baby inside is protected as I'm stretched thin over the next week.