His perfect love is casting out fear

Amy began vomiting, having increased headache, loss of balance, and sleepiness as the day went on yesterday. We went to the Eau Claire ER, where our doctor had paved the way for a quick transfer back to Fairview-University Medical Center in Minneapolis. Amy felt somewhat better by the time we were transported, thanks to some anti-nausea medication that slowed the vomiting. She got her dream ride in an ambulance with lights and sirens on the way to the Cities! I think the ambulance team got a kick out of having someone enjoy the ride for once!

Today Amy is scheduled for a sedated MRI at 3:30 p.m. She is walking a little better this morning, although still listing to the side and tipping if unassisted. She is sitting well, which is better than last time we went through this. Her eyes look pretty good, although the crossed eye has worsened dramatically in the past 24 hours. No eye jerking though, which is good. She is having some temperature regulation difficulties, according to the doctors. I am concerned that the doctors are missing transient fevers, but perhaps they are right. I don't know! Her temp is raning from 96.9 to 99.9, different every time they take it. They are concerned because this can be a sign of worsening brain stem swelling, as the body then can't regulate temperature well. The hope is that the MRI (the less invasive, less risky test) will show something that will point them in a direction for treatment or further testing, so that they can avoid doing the more risky, more invasive spinal tap. After the MRI results are in (probably tomorrow morning), they will decide about other tests. I have requested that they test for Lyme's disease if they do any further lab draws (they still haven't done any, which is kind of driving me crazy!).

So, prayers for today:
  • Healing for Amelia
  • Wisdom for doctors
  • Clear results from the MRI scan
  • No problems with sedation
  • No abdominal pain/bleeding for myself, as I missed my lab draw yesterday and probably won't get it done today, either; I am definitely not out of the woods on the ectopic pregnancy front yet
Pictures of Amy through the Holga lens yesterday afternoon.