Babies for Mother's Day

One from the new batch of kittens, born on Mother's Day.

One year ago: Scarlet with her litter mates - bottle fed for
6 weeks! Now she is a mom, too.

I received a long-awaited, lovely surprise on Mother's Day: the cat I bottle-fed nearly from birth had her own litter of kittens in our basement on Mother's Day while we were away! They are teensy yet - as small as Katy's hand, and mostly tiger striped in grays and blacks. One sweet one looks just like our Alley Cat (yes, that was her name) who died shortly after giving birth last summer. She is black and white spotted, very cute.

I've made a few changes to my blog, on the right sidebar. People often contact me for the titles of book or names of songs I've quoted here. I've added a place where recent songs can be played and purchased through Amazon, books as well. I'll update these frequently to reflect recent content that has spoken to me, in case you wish to have a copy.