My rainbow

A double, double rainbow (two distinct rainbows, one completely through 2 repetitions of Newton's 7 color spectrum, the other nearly through 2 repetitions, in supernumerary form). The day before surgery, it felt like a reassurance, even to someone who doesn't generally trust "signs". I am a skeptic. But, as we pulled away from the Cancer Center, there it was, spanning from one horizon to the other. As I stood in awe, I recalled the Biblical story of the rainbow, and wondered, "Will He never destroy me again?" Is the corporate covenant between Creator and creation personal in that moment when the events of life collide with an atmospheric miracle?

A symbol of grace. I'm sure hundreds of people in the Eau Claire area saw this beautiful double specimen. But for me, emerging from the Cancer Center the day before surgery to diagnose cancer yet again, it was a very personal message. One I'm glad I interpreted correctly as a message of hope and grace.