Tired of singing sad songs

Rosy's ballet slipper sparkling in the sun.

The pavement is soaking wet, the snow hasn’t fallen yet
I whisper your name and I can see my breath
I’m tired of singing sad songs
The world’s fallen fast asleep and I’m walking down the street
I whisper your name without the heaviness
And I’m tired of singing sad songs

When the flowers bloom darling we will too After a hard cold winter
And the birds fly home with a lighter load They’re singing a hymn of summer

The willow has lost her leaves naked she does not weep
She whispers “it’s finally time to breathe”
And she’s tired of singing sad songs
All I have are memories and really that’s fine with me
I whisper your name, smile and believe
That it’s time to sing a new song

I found words of encouragement from my new discovery, Sara Beth Geoghegan, who has walked the hard road of faith. She refused to bend her own experience to fit the "happy box" of Christian music, and wrote and recorded this album track by track in her living room, using the upright piano she inherited from her grandma, and laying down back-up vocals, drums and instrumentals courtesy of friends in Nashville. Cool story of courage, refusal to compromise. I like stories that free us up to recognize the suffering that is inherent in every life lived...Sara Beth hasn't gone through cancer or chosen to share any particular trauma in her past, but sin is in life and makes life hurt, and her life - like all of ours - has seen a lot of sadness. Cancer is a good excuse for the emotional pain and turmoil I am experiencing now, but I haven't always even had a good excuse, and the pain has always been there anyway.

I have cancer. So I am suffering now. But my friends and family suffer, too - for different reasons, in different ways. Emotional pain is excruciating. And there is only one solution - there is nothing but the blood that will heal our wounds.