In the drifts of the soul

And maybe the answer is that, whether we realize it or not, every moment is our testimony before a world who has Christ on trial. (Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience)

I don't have energy for every moment being a testimony. I am picking a dried-up soul up off the floor today, dragging it around to do dishes, sort winter and summer clothes, tidy up the house. Trying to find something edible for dinner. Why, why, why, Father? The world is bursting with the green that comes after the storm. And my heart is still cold, in the drifts, the pale yellow of last summer's dried husks like the memory of a different life that swells within.

Read Psalm 22 today and felt a bit better. I wonder if it is coincidence that Psalm 22 is followed by Psalm 23? According to the Jewish oral/textual tradition, both the order and text of the Ketuvim (3rd and final section of the Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh) are divinely inspired. In the text version of the Sifrei Emet (poetic books), the words are presented in a two column format that highlights the corresponding "stitches" between the two columns of words, making the books even more poetic. After pondering this, I went back and read Psalm 23 with Psalm 22. And I was comforted.