You cause the lame to walk
You open lips to talk
You calm the storms at night
You turn the dark to light
My savior
my healer
that is who You are
my maker
my father
that is who You are
~ Desperation Band, Who You Are ~

I remember the time surrounding my original diagnosis with cancer vividly. I remember being very uncomfortable with God as Healer for a very long time. After all, I still - 2 years later - have cancer. I am not healed. It hasn't been dramatic. We read in Matthew 17 this week in church - the healing of the lepers. When I look down at my body, I still don't see the healing. But I guess I will start walking, as the lepers did, before the healing is evident. Trusting He is who He says He is.

There is powerful evidence of healing in the sum total of everything God has done, even in this short vignette that has been cancer. A timeline:
Cancer diagnosed Healed by surgery 6/18/08
Lost voice 6/19/08 He "opened lips to speak" on 7/2/08
Cancer grew back Healed by radioactive iodine 11/08

~~~We praised God for no sign of cancer in March '08! ~~~

Tumor markers positive 12/09 We wait on Him for healing again

Meanwhile, reveling in the countless small joys He hands down in these syrup-sweet days of the freshness of the trial. Expectant...watchful...adrenaline rushing...leaning, trusting days of the honeymoon of cancer's reawakening.