The disappearing comments

Note to my regular readers: I changed my comment system to a better one, and all the old comments have disappeared. They are still there - just not visible anymore! Luckily I saved the ones I liked best in a permanent folder that I revisit when I am feeling ineffectual...unlovely...(fill in the blank with negative emotion directed at self).

Now you can have either a pretty quilt square (if you choose to remain anonymous) or a photo of yourself show up next to your post, and I've done away with the nasty Blogger word verification system. You can also click a quick "like" or "dislike" button at the bottom of the post, a quicker form of leaving feedback. To access these features, just click the "comments and responses" line at the bottom of the post - or click on the post name at the very top, and the comment window will automatically show up. Hope you enjoy the improvements...and comment more??