The official beginning

We called ourselves "Thul Homeschool".

But it felt sort of unofficial.

Until our first field trip, and getting back into the swing this January,
post cancer scans and epilepsy monitoring unit and holidays and snowstorms.

We topped off a trip to the local museum with a trip to the local Culvers.
Sticky, and sweet, and the perfect crowning treat for our first 
Field Trip with a capital F and T!

Susan was along, just for fun.

Caleb's newest, "I'm a boy and I'll be weird just to be weird" face.

Topped off with a small Wednesday miracle, an "A" and a "4" from Amelia,
courtesy of Wikki Stix, raved about by mothers of special needs kids on Amazon.
We've recently switched to natural rubber pacifiers, which I added to the
special needs shop I have created in Amazon as well. I'll have to tell the story...

but not today.
Today let's think ice cream. And miracle waxed-yarn letters!