On the perfectly level ground

Worthlessness is a lie. Hell is trying to isolate you so that you can be tormented easier. Call out the lie and reject it. Your failure gives Satan words to use against you, but he’s a liar. He’s a liar because Jesus took all of the accusations upon Himself and paid the penalty for them. Satan will do everything he can to get you to forget that. But God has no recollection of your sin, so don’t live according to something that God doesn’t even consider. The Truth sets you free. When the accusations come, know that they are against Jesus, not you. That’s why the accusations become a lie. When you are tucked away in Christ, the accusations are about Him and they hold no water. You are hidden away in Him. He took your sin (past, present, future) and nailed it all to the cross so that you could be free. It’s not a freedom so that you can live selfishly. It’s a freedom to grow and become so that you can be used to pour out His Love. ~Head to Heart, Grace Is For Sinners

It is the door unlatched that you leave closed.

It is being earthbound by cobwebs.

The ropes that bind frayed and whisper thin.

It's the smile you only smile in the dark, for fear someone sees.

It's the throng you never imagined pouring love into the hole of your grave.

It's the universe thrumming with beauty on the darkest day.

It's the Grandmother's touch you've long forgotten.

It's the sister's hands you never feel helping you from behind.

It's the music He plays when you think your fingers are doing all the work.

It's the heartbreak of moonrise on blackest night, light in relevant darkness.

It's the dogeared pages of a book in the outstretched hands of a best friend.

It's the smallest miracle of everyday.

It's the Mystery.

It - the law-shattering, ground-breaking, soul-rending joy that surpasses all understanding and changes the way you see absolutely everything - is Grace.
But herein lies again the wonder of the gospel, and here again is where we can be brought to awe because of its far-reaching power. For the gospel is the only answer for those, like me, who distort the gospel. There is grace for us, too. When we preach the gospel to ourselves daily, we will find that God will tear down the rungs of our carefully constructed ladders. And when those ladders are broken into shards and splinters, what will be left towering over the piles of rubble is the wooden beams of the cross. And we’ll stand there at the base on perfectly level ground. ~Today's Gospel is Tomorrow's Law, Michael Kelly

Death is easy you don’t know you’re a ghost
The fee is taken out nice and slow
While you’re walking around with your cardboard crown
We think we are kings
We think we are kings

Wisdom warned us but our flesh is strong
we’ll find our own way we’ll get along
Who knows what we need
We want everything
we’re living like kings
living like kings

life cost so much
Life cost so much
Someone paid for the damage
the damage we’ve done
How else do you explain all these open graves we’ve got
Someone must have paid
‘cause life cost much

A law of justice was long before and all the people here in this world
We hid our souls in shame
how could we be saved?
send us a King
send us our King
~Life Costs So Much, Christa Wells~