Top 10 for 2010

This top 10 list, courtesy of Google Analytics, tells a story of how God redeems the hurt and humble in our lives.

1. Amelia's Illness - the most devastating time in our lives so far as parents has been helpful to many people.
2. My Cancer Story - this group of posts about my cancer is the 2nd most popular this year.
3. Results are in! - a post about testing at Mayo when my heart problems first resurfaced in 2009.
4. Purple People Eater - a post about my experience being "purple-ified" at Mayo in 2009.
5. Insider for a Day - about my experience at the Relevant conference in October, 2010. Also has lots of cute pictures of my twin nieces, which *might* be boosting it's stats??
6. I-131 recommendations - I am so happy to see how many hits (over 200) per day this article is getting! I-131 has been very hard to figure out since the Nuclear Commission de-regulated it in 2006. I hope this article keeps helping moms and dads decide what is right for their own children when they go through thyroid cancer treatment.
7. My tumor - the original post from my diagnosis day and my very first blog post ever.
8. This is a test. This is only a test. This post from early 2010 talks about my thoughts on the James MacDonald series "Life is Hard". This is the first time I wrote about my word for 2011 - hupomone - and it is worth a re-read as I start a new year of cancer.
9. On leaving home - here I talk about the mental/emotional process of preparing to leave home for my annual radioactive cancer scan. Good to re-read today as I prepare to leave again on Wednesday.
10. Hold my heart - number 10 takes me back to Aaron and Caleb's life-threatening bout with food poisoning this past April.

Oh, what He has preserved us through in 2010! He says that "all things work together for good for those who diligently serve Him." I see evidence of just that when I go back over the top posts on this blog for this past year. He is using everything - our good, our bad, our failures and our victories - for His glory.