A prayer and a praise

Oh, God, our Father, give me clean hands, and clean words and clean thoughts; Help me to stand for the hard right against the easy wrong. Save me from habits that harm; teach me to work as hard and play as fair in Thy sight alone as if all the world saw. Forgive me when I am unkind and forgive others who are unkind to me; keep me ready to help others at some cost to myself. Send me chances to do a little good every day and to grow more like Christ. ~A Prayer by William DeWitt Hyde

A quiet and quick moment as we fly off to Lacrosse to greet the newest Holmen BOY! Congratulations to Ben and Megan and big sister Emma as they welcome Kipton Michael Holmen ("Kip"), born just after midnight! Doesn't "Rob, Cal and Kip" sound like a trio of boy cousins who will bring much hilarity and mischief to our formerly very pink clan?

Kip was born with a true knot in his cord, and a loop around the neck. A true knot increases the chances of death for the infant 4 fold. Already preserved, I wonder what God has in store for this little man?

"Kipp" :: Olde English :: "pointed hill" or "glory"
"Michael" :: Hebrew :: "who is like God?" or "humility before God"